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An integral part of Sabre Red South Africa’s mission lies in investing time, skills and money in underprivileged areas, where women and girls do not have the privilege of being able to afford personal safety products or learn how to defend themselves.

Ultimately, we want to be part of sparking a revolution that extends to changing mindsets. We want to see the regeneration of a culture of respect and dignity for women, children and other vulnerable people in South Africa. We want to help put an end to gender-based violence and violent crimes in this incredible country.

Together with #NotInMyNameSA and Never Tapout, we’re working to empower women. How are we doing this? Through a sustainable model based on training, equipping and mentorship. This includes:

  • Equipping underprivileged women with:
    • The skills they need to defend themselves
    • Free pepper sprays, in collaboration with Kuros!, This includes providing personal safety training and going back to the areas we’ve visited to do follow-up training.
  • Engaging in mentorship efforts:
    • At school level, to educate children on women’s rights and human rights, and teach them the importance of equality, respect and holding others in high regard.

The partnership – #NotInMyNameFIERCE – is a pooling of ideas, resources, and most of all, a meeting of minds.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, or become a #NotInMyNameFIERCE partner, please contact us


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